self-coaching for the mom brain

Self-coaching is the art of coaching yourself through trials, depression, anxiety & conflict. But the "mom brain" is different. There is a specific coaching strategy for moms.. Learn how to coach the "mom brain!"

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I have learned how to really live for the first time. My life is FULL of joy and fun and order and peace and fulfillment! I have grown so much through this program that I no longer have a desire for entertainment or "checking out." My life is amazing now, because I changed me. As I began to change, everything else started to change, too. I had no idea how much power I had and I am so grateful for the skills and mindsets I've learned.
Rachel Pops
Certified Covenant Coach, Mom Mastery University Mentor




What Will You learn?

mind your mind

• Discover the "hidden process."
• The 10%/90% equation.
• The challenges of mom brain.
• Totem Pole Syndrome.
• The secret of the "ADHD Bulldog."


• Primitive vs Privileged Brain.
• Why knowledge isn't always best.
• Life's "operating manual."
• Why coaching isn't 100% effective.
• When you can't change a thought.


• The lie of past and future.
• The hidden benefits of tantrums.
• Plug into the "faith formula."
• Borrowing a belief.
• The future of coaching yourself.

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How are moms around the world facing conflict, defeating depression & overcoming life’s difficult situations without the help of a therapist? The answer? Self-Coaching.

I have learned who I really am and how to stop protecting myself from my fears by facing them and looking at what could be possible. I have become so much more confident and free. This has resulted in personal growth in many areas. I have become more patient, gracious, willing to admit my mistakes, open to suggestions, kinder, and more free to try new things. I have taken bigger risks, learned more, become more adventurous, laughed and discovered that I can love my life.
Bonnie Dueck
Certified Covenant Coach, Mom Mastery University Mentor

About Your Coach

Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley was life coaching before “life coaching” was a thing! With a background in behavioral psychology and training as a ordained minister, Hannah combines her knowledge of brain science with her wisdom of God’s Word. Hannah believes that the vast majority of problems in life are rooted in fear. However…

“God does not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”

Hannah began life coaching in 1998, as a faith ministry toward moms. It has since evolved into Mom Mastery University and Covenant Coach Academy, to train life coaches, provide life coaches, and equip ministry staff to serve their people at the highest level through life coaching.

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